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We are competent telecommunication services provider with extensive experience and global capabillites, specializing in turnkey telecom projects for the telecom and allied industries. For over 8 years we have been in the forefront of implementing communication services, focussing on efficient, safe and profitable operations for our customers. Through the years, Xingular has built a specialized telecommunications and system integration organization dedicated to the needs of the modern telecommunication scenario. We bring a unique level of competence into each new project, and our capabilities within telecom engineering, integration and total project management and execution are proven in some of the most demanding projects in the industry. Xingular is the leading service provider of automation, safety, electrification and telecommunication systems in the market. Our multiscope capabilities are unique in the industry, providing our customers synergies of cost, quality and consistency. This combination of specialized expertise enables us to engineer telecommunication systems seamlessly integrated in a common communication and automation solution with common user interfaces and operating and maintenance routines. A multi-domain, ISO certified diversified company established in 2008 with global operations , focussed on new generation technologies. Xingular has successfully completed more than 100 projects with leading Telecom Operators, Technology providers (OEM's) and Tower Companies across India ,Asia Pacific and Middle East.

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Our business verticals, viz, System Integration, Technology services & Engineering Applications have evolved into a stage where we are capable of executing large scale projects in the related domain. The team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in handling major projects is one of the greatest assets of Xingular. The successful execution of multiple projects in India and abroad stands as testimonial for our credibility. Trust has been the key bond of the highest level of confidence bestowed on us by our customers.

From the conceptualization of a project to planning and implementation within the scope of cost quality and time is our bastion. This gives us an edge in undertaking formidable projects and offering total turnkey solutions in the technological space of evolving markets.

Xingular aspires to be a global organization. Our presence is already felt in APAC and Middle East.

We believe in the quality of our personnel as the key to success of our organizational goals. The stringent selection process and skill sets acquired by virtue of training under the dynamic leadership imbibes in them the qualities of the best work force in the world.

We are passionate about creating value for our customers through our project management capabilities where there is reduced costs, better cash flow and increased revenues.Xingular religiously follows the PMI guidelines to harness optimal results in the arena. We take immense pride in associating with many renowned companies and being an integral part of their success stories. At Xingular, we constantly look out for implementation of innovative methodologies with the goal to continue delivering simple, effective and cost beneficial solutions that help our customers realize business value in absolute terms.



We ensure that everything we do must be focused on becoming the trusted partner of our customers by:


  • Delivering high quality, secure and reliable products, services and solutions the first time , every time and on time as promised
  • Continuously making improvements and looking for innovative ways to anticipate and fully meet the highest expectations of our customers
  • Counting on all employees to be personally accountable for putting the customer first and honoring the commitments we make

This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated as necessary , applied and communicated to all employees and persons working on behalf of Xingular Telecom projects pvt ltd and made available to interested parties and public.


Xingular Telecom Projects India Pvt Ltd is committed to operating in a sustainable manner that protects the environment and the health and safety (EHS) of employees, contractors, customers, and the communities where we conduct business. Meeting this commitment is a primary management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all employees and will be proactively communicated internally and externally through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. To that end, Xingular Telecom Projects India Pvt Ltd will:


  • Comply with applicable EHS laws, regulations, directives, commitments with customers, company requirements, and with other requirements to which Xingular Telecom Projects India Pvt Ltd subscribes.
  • Provide employees and those who visit or work at Xingular Telecom Projects India Pvt Ltd locations with safe working conditions.
  • Design products that are safe, energy-efficient, can be installed/serviced/uninstalled safely, and can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Strive to efficiently and effectively prevent pollution, prevent occupational injury and ill health, optimize energy and resource consumption and minimize the EHS impacts from activities, services and products
  • Regularly assess and continually improve EHS performance in a responsible manner by implementing management systems, setting goals and meeting objectives
  • Appropriately train,inform, motivate and consult with employees to help them perform their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Work with suppliers and customers to promote responsible use of products throughout their life cycles.
  • Promote the adoption of similar principles by contractors and suppliers.

This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated as necessary, applied and communicated to all employees and persons working for or on behalf of Xingular Telecom projects India Pvt Ltd, and made available to interested parties and the public.



Work at Xingular

We are young group of engineering professionals specializing in the field of Telecommunications and modern system integration.